Vesuvis Gate

Mark Russo is a recently retired army Colonel whose ancestors originated from ancient Rome. A Scythian Queen sorceress called Tomyris, who lives at the Villa of the Mysteries, built in the first century BC in Pompeii, pulls Mark back to 50 AD. There he has to interact with her, a seer and a Greek Oracle, to avenge the murder of his original ancestor. As Mark traverses the countryside, he meets a baker and his family. Mark falls in love with the eldest daughter Diana. To prevent himself from ending up in the arena, Mark introduces the Roman Senate and Emperor Claudius to football. Later he kills a Roman senator who is a Druid and linked to the Druids who murdered his original great ancestor. Again tasked by the mystics, Mark is called upon to save the two highest-ranking politicians next to Claudius. Satisfied, Tomyris returns Mark to the present. Not long after, Mark encounters a woman who is an exact lookalike of Diana, and they develop a relationship. Again Mark is called on to perform another mission for the mystical world. He returns to Rome and has to save the Pontiff from assassination by a radical cult devoted to installing a very progressive Pope who wants to change the dynamics of the Catholic church.