The Exciting Love Story of a Scholar and a Toltec Princess

A Story About a Toltec Princess Ahead of Her Time

A book cover with an image of a dragon and the words toltanka.

Archeology assistant professor Austin Tripp, an expert in Mesoamerican civilizations, accepts an assignment at the last minute to a recently discovered remote ancient Toltec city. The lack of any artifacts or personal possessions shrouds the city in mystery and adds suspense as to why the entire population seems to have vanished, and took everything with them.

During a violent thunderstorm Austin is thrown into the cities ancient bathing pool by an unknown mysterious force and reemerges to find himself in a thriving civilization one thousand years earlier. He meets and is beguiled by a twenty one year old shrew of a princess, Anacaona. While investigating his new surroundings he discovers that the royal family keeps hidden in a sub-chamber of the temple the idol of an ancient Egyptian god, who was known to manipulate the underworld at his whim, and who Austin suspects is responsible for his transition through time.

Six weeks later the same mysterious force pulls him through that same warp in time and returns him to his present day life, except that the princess, now having fallen madly in love with her new found man, and unbeknown to him, follows him into the vortex of space and time.

Suddenly Austin finds himself with a thousand year old pre-Colombian girlfriend who he quickly needs to teach and explain the world she has come into and how to survive without bringing undue attention to herself. He seeks the help of his family to help him dress her, instruct her on customs, manners, technology, culture, and keep her away from an inquisition until he can figure out how to assimilate her into his life, and explain her sudden presence to his friends, and collogues.

Eventually, her true identity is discovered by Austin’s enemies, and the threat of exposure and deportation becomes increasingly threatening causing panic to set in. Knowing she entered the vortex at the last moment which was not intended for her she finds herself beckoned to return to her own people. Before leaving she promises Austin she will return to him someday and they will be together again and throughout eternity.

TOLTANICA is a love story filled with many conflicts of civilizations and how two people go about overcoming such adversity and at the same time falling in love, finding each other again and living happily ever after.