About the Author

W. C. Hatounian is a twenty-four-year veteran and a retired Army Aviator who served with the 1st Squadron, 4th United States Cavalry in Vietnam. After active duty, he joined the Arizona Army National Guard and flew with the 997th Assault Helicopter Company, which was located in Phoenix. Mr. Hatounian has always been a student of history and has read many books about military history, famous battles, and famous generals. During this time, Mr. Hatounian began his career with the Phoenix police department. After thirty-two years of service, he retired at the rank of lieutenant. During his career, he has worked in patrol, flew with the department's air support unit, and headed the VICE unit and the night detective unit. Currently, Mr. Hatounian is enjoying retired life by writing books and lives in a suburb of Phoenix. He and his wife enjoy traveling and being active. He is a member of the (VHPA) Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.