Check Out the Story About a Bewitched Military Tank

A Medieval Fantasy About Witches, Castles and a Bewitched M6OA3 Tank

A book cover with a picture of a tank and castle.

Doug Baker, a Viet Nam War veteran, and his National Guard tank crew are whisked through a warp in the fabric of space and time into another dimension. They have unknowingly been summoned by a hag witch who’s cast a spell calling them to her. Doug, his crew, and their bewitched tank Vicky find themselves in a medieval land where periods of time conflict as they are unwittingly thrown into the social conflicts of the kingdom.

An evil has descended upon the hag’s homeland with the purpose of kidnapping young girls of age and forcing them into a most sinister and despicable form of desecration, spawning of gargoylish creatures.

Immediately captured when they arrive, Doug and the crew are taken before the king who accuses them of attempting to interfere with the affairs of his kingdom. Although sentenced to burn at the stake, they escape. Along the way they find a runaway princess who falls in love with Vinnie, the tank’s driver.

Yet with hopes of avenging those wronged, they are led to Audra, the hag witch. She admits to her witchcraft and pleads with the men to save the virtues of the young girls she has hidden. The crew agrees to champion her cause and engage in an arduous battle to slay the evil, and release the kingdom from bondage.

Doug and the crew recover Vicky and drive into the arena of certain death. The classic battle of good over evil becomes the focus of their chivalry.

TankWitch is a fictional novel examining the events when a chosen group of men and a tank slip through a distortion in the fabric of the universe and become the instrument of rescue for young village girls in a life-threatening gamble as they risk their lives selflessly for honor and goodness, unaware that the evil that awaits them has a human ally and coconspirator. Yet chivalry is not dead or lost on the young, and love remains eternal.