The Afghan Deception

A Historical Fiction Book Highlighting the Value of Honor

A Fictional Story About The 4th U.S. Cavalry

Afghan Deception Book Cover_A2.1

Colonel Martin Daniels and the 4th United States Cavalry are unwittingly thrust into the world of international politics and intrigue when in the spring of 1879 the Czar of Russia plots to undermine British rule over Afghanistan. He sends a renegade Russian general to wreak chaos through an elaborate deception involving murder and treason. His motive is the final acquisition of Afghanistan and India—without exposing the Russian government or involving the Russian army.

Daniels is selected to command the 4th United States Cavalry Regiment, and take it to India for a joint training exercise. At the same time Colonel Stephen Simms is chosen to command the 19th Royal Lancer Regiment currently deployed in Peshawar, India.

Two career officers from different countries, whose paths would have never crossed under ordinary circumstances, have formed a strong friendship and bond.

Now that war has begun in Afghanistan as a result of the covert Russian plan using tribesmen surrogates to do Russia’s fighting for them, the two colonels are about to be faced with the greatest challenge of their lives and careers.

Stephen Simms’ drastically outnumbered British Royal Lancer Regiment must defend the Northwest Territories alone from the tribal hordes threatening the Empire, for the Americans are forbidden by law to interfere. What’s at stake is the stability of the British government in India or a Russian victory in Afghanistan and a dynamic shift in the balance of power in western Asia.

The final battle deciding the future of both countries lies in the hands of a sole American, Colonel Martin Daniels, who must decide if rules and regulations have more value than what’s right or wrong, or honor and allegiance.

THE AFGHAN DECEPTION is a historical fiction novel that examines the world as it truly was between the spring and fall of 1879, and the relationship between two colonels of cavalry whose actions could forever alter the fate of the British Empire. Saddled by rules and regulation, both colonels are bound by oath and tradition to obey no matter the circumstances, but because they are also human and endowed with common sense and emotion, a point is reached where a decision of great consequence must be made. THE AFGHAN DECEPTION is a testimonial for doing the right thing and standing by your principals, your values, and most importantly, your honor—no matter what the cost.