Doll Catcher

The Doll Catcher

After the 1966 Arab-Israeli war, Syrian and Jordanian-linked tribes acting on their own continued to plot and execute incursions into Israel in a vain attempt to kill Jews and draw their forces away from all border areas. In 1970, the Israeli Air Force recruited Korey Ambarlian, a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot, and tasked him to train and create a helicopter force to augment Israeli ground forces defending their homeland. Korey is no stranger to the traumatic conditions of war like he experienced in Vietnam. Behind the tribes were the Soviet advisors who furnished them with equipment and arms to keep the fight going until Egypt and Syria could regroup and mount another attack like in 1966. Each time the tribes try, Korey is able to stop them until one Yom Kippur day in 1973, everything goes to hell.