The Commodities Deception

Jayden Treadmont III is a Harvard graduate from a wealthy family in Hyannis, MA. As a Commodities trader, he built a business and successfully established a profitable company on Wall Street. Jayden followed the advice of inept traders who heard false prophets’ dreams of endless financial gains through the trading of computer components. Unbeknown to him the components were manufactured in North Korea and distributed through a Chinese criminal organization.

An overall plan conceived and executed by Iranians and Cubans intelligence operatives living in Venezuela and managed by a former Mexican cartel member Alarico De La Chapala, looking to his own clandestine financial benefit. Jayden succumbed to greed and overconfidence, leading to total disintegration, bankruptcy, and humiliation. He became homeless on the streets of Boston. After his grandfather died and left him a handsome gift, Jayden reawakened only to become embroiled in a homicide investigation.

A friend and colleague, now a police officer, discovers the dead bodies of the old false friends Juan and Josey Montoya, whose mission was to destroy the American financial markets are themselves victims of Chapala’s greed.

The FBI discovered that the deceased couple was in the U.S. illegally from Mexico, and now no trace of them exists, except perhaps in an old New York City County records file. Jayden gets invited to the Phoenix, AZ FBI office to help investigate because of his commodities experience and knowledge of the deceased. He meets Rosalie Diaz, and later they fall in love.

A trip to Monterrey, Mexico, introduces the two investigators to Comandante Vega, which leads to Ramone Montoya and his son Juan. In addition, a bank account of Chapala and Montoya unearthed on the Dark Web led the couple to New York City to continue the investigation there they coordinated with FBI agents.

The FBI hacks and uses the Dark Web account as bait and the money taken to lure the Iranians into a trap. When the final steps are in motion, everyone is on edge and expecting a gun battle when the FBI arrived in lower Manhattan and served the search warrant on the Cuban and Iranian hidden operational facility.