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TankWitch is a fictional novel examining the events when a chosen group of men and a tank slip through a distortion in the fabric of the universe and become the instrument of rescue for young village girls in a life-threatening gamble... they risk their lives selflessly for honor and goodness, unaware that the evil that awaits them has a human ally and co-conspirator. Yet chivalry is not dead or lost on the young, and love remains eternal.

Doug Baker, a Vietnam War veteran, and his National Guard tank crew are whisked through a warp in the fabric of space and time into another dimension. They have unknowingly been summoned by a hag witch who's cast a spell calling them to her. Doug, his crew, and their bewitched tank Vicky find themselves in a medieval land where periods of time conflict as they are unwittingly thrown into the social conflicts of the kingdom.

An evil has descended upon the hag's homeland with the purpose of kidnapping young girls of age and forcing them into a most sinister and despicable form of desecration, spawning of gargoylish creatures.

Immediately captured when they arrive, Doug and the crew are taken before the king who accuses them of attempting to interfere with the affairs of his kingdom. Although sentenced to burn at the stake, they escape. Along the way they find a runaway princess who falls in love with Vinnie, the tank's driver.

Yet with hopes of avenging those wronged, they are led to Audra, the hag witch. She admits to her witchcraft and pleads with the men to save the virtues of the young girls she has hidden. The crew agrees to champion her cause and engage in an arduous battle to slay the evil, and release the kingdom from bondage.

Doug and the crew recover Vicky and drive into the arena of certain death. The classic battle of good over evil becomes the focus of their chivalry.

“You live in a castle in a medieval era. You hear a rumble; you look out your window and see a tank aiming its main gun at your front door. Apparently you really pissed someone off. Why?” ― TankWitch

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TOLTANICA is a love story filled with many conflicts of civilizations and how two people go about overcoming such adversity and at the same time falling in love, finding each other again and living happily ever after.

Archeology assistant professor Austin Tripp, an expert in Mesoamerican civilizations, accepts an assignment at the last minute to a recently discovered remote ancient Toltec city. The lack of any artifacts or personal possessions shrouds the city in mystery and adds suspense as to why the entire population seems to have vanished, and took everything with them.

During a violent thunderstorm Austin is thrown into the cities ancient bathing pool by an unknown mysterious force and reemerges to find himself in a thriving civilization one thousand years earlier. He meets and is beguiled by a twenty one year old shrew of a princess, Anacaona. While investigating his new surroundings he discovers that the royal family keeps hidden in a sub-chamber of the temple the idol of an ancient Egyptian god, who was known to manipulate the underworld at his whim, and who Austin suspects is responsible for his transition through time.

Six weeks later the same mysterious force pulls him through that same warp in time and returns him to his present day life, except that the princess, now having fallen madly in love with her new found man, and unbeknown to him, follows him into the vortex of space and time.

Suddenly Austin finds himself with a thousand year old pre-Columbian girlfriend who he quickly needs to teach and explain the world she has come into and how to survive without bringing undue attention to herself. He seeks the help of his family to help him dress her, instruct her on customs, manners, technology, culture, and keep her away from an inquisition until he can figure out how to assimilate her into his life, and explain her sudden presence to his friends, and colleagues.

Eventually, her true identity is discovered by Austin's enemies, and the threat of exposure and deportation becomes increasingly threatening causing panic to set in. Knowing she entered the vortex at the last moment which was not intended for her she finds herself beckoned to return to her own people. Before leaving she promises Austin she will return to him someday and they will be together again and throughout eternity.

“You're an American Archeologist. You wake up in a tenth century Toltec city. You fall in love with a princess. Celestial chaos sends you back home to your own time, and the princess has decided to follow you, now what are you going to do with her?" ― Toltanica

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The Shanghai Extortion is a fictional story about a young army officer’s atonement for his social indiscretions, the inadvertent involvement into a criminal investigation that threatens American national security, and the complexities of life and love in a far off land.

Shanghai China in 1897 is the setting for a hair raising fast paced criminal investigation unintentionally dropped into the laps of two army officers, one American and one British. Captain Tyler Peterson, a socially disgraced U.S. army officer, is unceremoniously transferred from a staff appointment in Washington D.C. to the American consulate in Shanghai China as assistant military attaché.

There he meets and befriends a similarly outcast officer from the British Royal Army, Byron Lancaster, who has a comparable scarlet letter hanging over his head. Together they fall into a cesspool of intrigue and danger as they begin to discover and unravel a most sinister plot by a criminal syndicate whose sole purpose is to rid China of the spheres of European influence, and replace it with their own criminal empire.

To generate revenue to fund their venture the syndicate concocts a scheme to extort Chinese laborers in the United States with the help of an American businessman and colleague. The immigrants are coerced into paying a tithing or their families will be threatened and harmed back in China if they refuse to cooperate.

With the help of a determined Chinese detective from Macao, Tyler and Byron eventually assemble the pieces of the criminal enterprise puzzle together. However before the final conclusion is achieved, the detective is captured by the syndicate.

Interwoven between protecting American interests in China and his obligation to find those responsible for the crime wave, Tyler falls madly in love with a newly arrived American School teacher. Unlike any previous romantic relationship, this is a deeper love he has never felt for another woman, nor she for another man. Their relationship is challenged when the investigation begins to turn more violent exposing Tyler to increased danger.

The culmination of the syndicate’s plan comes together when an opportunity arises to annihilate all of the leadership of European Shanghai with one swift explosive blow, and Tyler finds himself the only person who can stop it.

“In 1896 you’re sent to Shanghai China. You discover a crime ring conspiring to violently rid China of occidentals. The final solution is already in motion, and your running out of time trying to uncover the scheme.” ― The Shanghai Extortion

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CAUSAL CONNECTION follows a routine, if somewhat bizarre, death investigation that grows into a case filled with complexities and exposes corruption at the highest levels of local governments. It forces Milo and his team to draw on every bit of experience and talent they possess to bring all those responsible to justice.

Detective Milo Necalli, an energetic veteran investigator with the Phoenix Police Department's Violent Crime Bureau, is secretly delighted when he is assigned to investigate the death of a man who was found asphyxiated, shrink-wrapped inside an empty waterbed mattress. Since the man, Andy Montana, is holding the extension cord to the vacuum cleaner that killed him, it could conceivably be a suicide. But Milo suspects that anyone depressed enough to commit suicide would be too depressed to get that creative about it. And when the autopsy reveals Andy engaged in sex just before he died, Milo starts his hunt for the killer.

After discovering that Montana had a number of lovers, many of whom he met as a driver for a trucking company, Milo zeros in on one of them, Mary Banks. Banks has a record of violent crime in another state and a larger income than her job at Wal-Mart would suggest. But when Banks is found dead of an apparent suicide, Milo's investigation comes to a dead end.

Then the estranged wife of a state senator, and the sister of Andy's boss at the trucking firm, is found dead in the Attorney General's parking lot, also an apparent suicide. Milo recognizes the connection between the three deaths and slowly unravels the senator's involvement with drug smuggling and corruption. Milo eventually realizes that his killer is running an extortion scheme on the state senator and eliminating anyone who gets in the way. Through his DEA contact he learns the location to where the offshore bank mails the extortion checks.

Along with an arrest team he arrives at the address only to discover someone ahead of him in the shadows. It's the state senator, who has also tracked down his extortionist. Milo, caught between the need to make an arrest and the possibility of an uncoerced confession by a wanton killer, decides to wait before raiding the extortionist's apartment. When confronted by the dark clad state senator, The apartments occupant confesses all within earshot of Milo and his team. In fear of her life, she attacks the senator and they struggle for his gun. The police quickly move into the apartment and subdue both her and the senator.

“ You’re a detective. Three women are dead and you still don’t have a clue until a desperate woman comes forth with an eye opener that changes the dynamics of your case.” ― Causal Connection

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This historical fiction novel that examines the world as it truly was between the spring and fall of 1879, and the relationship between two colonels of cavalry whose actions could forever alter the fate of the British Empire.

Saddled by rules and regulation, both colonels are bound by oath and tradition to obey no matter the circumstances, but because they are also human and endowed with common sense and emotion, a point is reached where a decision of great consequence must be made. THE AFGHAN DECEPTION is a testimonial for doing the right thing and standing by your principals, your values, and most importantly, your honor—no matter what the cost.

Colonel Martin Daniels and the 4th United States Cavalry are unwittingly thrust into the world of international politics and intrigue when in the spring of 1879 the Czar of Russia plots to undermine British rule over Afghanistan. He sends a renegade Russian general to wreak chaos through an elaborate deception involving murder and treason. His motive is the final acquisition of Afghanistan and India—without exposing the Russian government or involving the Russian army.

Daniels is selected to command the 4th United States Cavalry Regiment, and take it to India for a joint training exercise. At the same time Colonel Stephen Simms is chosen to command the 19th Royal Lancer Regiment currently deployed in Peshawar, India.

Two career officers from different countries, whose paths would have never crossed under ordinary circumstances, have formed a strong friendship and bond.

Now that war has begun in Afghanistan as a result of the covert Russian plan using tribesmen surrogates to do Russia's fighting for them, the two colonels are about to be faced with the greatest challenge of their lives and careers.

Stephen Simms' drastically outnumbered British Royal Lancer Regiment must defend the Northwest Territories alone from the tribal hordes threatening the Empire, for the Americans are forbidden by law to interfere. What's at stake is the stability of the British government in India or a Russian victory in Afghanistan and a dynamic shift in the balance of power in western Asia.

The final battle deciding the future of both countries lies in the hands of a sole American, Colonel Martin Daniels, who must decide if rules and regulations have more value than what's right or wrong, or honor and allegiance.

“In 1879 you take an American cavalry regiment to colonial India. You’re ordered not to get involved in anyone’s internal affairs. You find yourself between two armies about to clash in front of you, do you stand and fight or run.” ― The Afghan Deception